Somehow, I found something to celebrate, tonight.

This night, I went to my first "gay" event in about a billion years. And met a very cute man! I've been doing some work with a local PR company that supports progressive candidates in the Bay Area, and they were instrumental in throwing the first Victory Fund party.

The party celebrated Mark Leno, who is the first openly gay man elected to the CA Assembly. There were also some local pols there, including the fabulous Starchild from India, Libertarian candidate for city Supervisor in my district.

Boy, is he a cutie! Looks a bit like a 30-so David Cassidy one-of-the-word's-most-perfect-men, with two silver ear hoops. Had I known how cute he is, I might have...oh, that's so shallow. Forget I was even about to say it. Perish the thought.

He got some time on the mic; this party was probably the only one where that could be considered a double entendre [s]. Afterwards, I snagged him, and he was gracious enough to spend a half hour talking to me. First question out of my mouth, "Say, do you know Justin Raimondo?" He said he did. I acknowledged that I admire much of Raimondo's work. Then the conversation turned to Libertarian politics and Black folk.


Well, can't win 'em all. But it's a conversation that I think could be very interesting, and with him, it was.

So I came home and, naturally, looked him up. Turns out he's a go-go dancer, male escort, and porn star!

Evidently, I'm not the only one who finds him cute and sexy, then.


You know, I've always thought Shirley Jones is really bad-ass.

I have such a weird life.